Why Cheek Implant Surgery May Be an Option for You

Cheek augmentation surgery (also known as malar augmentation) can provide the opportunity of higher cheek bones some of us desire. Cheek implants could even provide a much more youthful look for people whose natural cheek fat has depleted over time, bringing about a sunken and elderly outward appearance https://www.chincheekimplantsseattle.com/.

Along with the eyes, the cheekbones and jaw line make up the most photogenic areas of the face, which means this particular surgical treatment has not surprisingly become very popular, with countless cheek implants carried out per year.

Cheek implants come in a number of sizes and shapes, and are made from both solid and semi-solid compounds. Implants can be surgical sterile synthetics or sometimes organic implants. types of implant have related pros and cons. The implants can be custom designed to enhance weak facial structure as well as combat the unsightly effects of the aging process.

Cheek enhancements can be manufactured from synthetic materials, specifically silastic, hydroxyapatite, polyethylene, gore-tex, or from your own body in particular bone or fat collected from other areas.

Solid silicone lacks the difficulties of silicone gel, in that leaking is not a danger, and it is well-tolerated by the body. Gore Tex cheek enhancements are permeable, meaning surrounding cellular material will be able to grow into the implant. Solid silicone elastomer, the most common biomaterial used for implantation, has been used safely for more than sixty years throughout almost every field in medical care and surgery. It can be employed as a covering for cardiac pacemakers, in neurosurgery, cardiology, ear and eye surgery, and orthopedic surgery, to name a few.

Cheek implant patients might undertake the procedure as an isolated enhancement, although a lot of cheek implant patients undergo added facial contouring, chin augmentation for instance, simultaneously.

The implant is positioned inside a pocket created through an incision inside the mouth hidden underneath the upper lip, where the cheek joins your upper gum.

Cheek implant operations normally takes between 1 to 2 hours. Cheek augmentation surgery is conducted under sedation or general anesthesia. A relatively minor operation, cheek implants may be inserted utilizing merely local anesthesia or perhaps using deeper sedation for patient comfort. If carried out during the course of an additional facial aesthetic treatment, such as a facelift, it will likely be undertaken under general anesthesia. It is deemed an outpatient procedure so patients are able to return home the very same day. Recovery from this treatment typically takes more or less ten days.

Cheek implants require a special tape bandage that is designed to secure the implant in its optimal position. During the period of one week, the implant becomes more fixated in its position. Sutures which are employed to close up inside the oral cavity will be 100 % dissolvable so don’t need removing.

Patients may experience some swelling and discoloration on the face which can be eased with the aid of cold compresses. Movements of the mouth could initially be difficult. It is quite common to come across temporary difficulty smiling and speaking after the operation. Some may experience some discomfort afterwards and also minor numbness for a day or so after the cheek augmentation surgery. Soreness connected with the operation is normally minimal to moderate, and can be controlled using oral medication prescribed by your cosmetic surgeon. Nonetheless, you might still feel stiff and sore for a few days.

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